Artificial Grass Installation And Pets

What to consider with artificial grass for pet owners

Many homeowners increasingly understand the many benefits of replacing their grass lawn with artificial grass. Whether it is for water savings, cost savings, time savings or just wanting to enjoy a nice green and clean garden without all the hassle and expense of caring for it, consumers in growing numbers are turning to synthetic grass as a solution for their garden.

We had recently spoke with Phoenix Lawns to quote us on getting our garden lawn replaced with artificial grass at our home in Birmingham.

Artificial Grass Installation With PetsOne segment of the market that is finding the benefits of artificial turf to be extraordinary and therefore are the largest growing portion of the synthetic grass consumer market are pet owners, especially those with dogs. Industry estimates indicate that over 70% of residential consumers of synthetic grass are pet owners. Many of these customers have tried over and over to grow grass in their garden but their pet has gotten in the way. Their attempts to have a nice garden while keeping their pet have proven to be costly as well. With an artificial turf garden, however, homeowners are now able to have a pet and a nice-looking garden.

Synthetic grass products generally do not stain when the pets do their business. There are products that are guaranteed not to stain and these are the products that you can trust will not.

An artificial grass garden is also hygienic as fluids (i.e. urine) drain through the turf while droppings can be easily picked up as they would for a sod or natural grass garden and can be rinsed off with a hose as well. The yellow or brown spots so evident in a garden with pets are no longer as well with a synthetic grass garden, even with female dogs. With regards to urine draining through the turf, there are significant differences between the various turf products available. Many of the products have holes punched intermittently through the backing of the turf to allow the fluids and urine to drain. One major problem with this is that if the urine does not make it to one of the holes, the urine will stay on top of the turf backing and very quickly become a smelly and unhealthy situation. There are a few products on the market however that offers a permeable backing with drainage throughout the turf. Many animal shelters and kennels have chosen this type of turf with its permeable, no hole-punched backing given the obvious benefit that superior draining products have when it comes to pets.Artificial Grass Installation for pets

Pet owners who have chosen artificial turf for their garden have also found that there are many other benefits beyond a green and clean garden. They have found that there are no more muddy dog paw tracks in ones house or on the inside carpet. Their pets can be bathed and then let right out to the garden for more fun and play without the worries of getting dirty again quickly. The pets are also not attracted to scents below the ground as the entire area is synthetic so owners are finding that their pets do not dig or attempts to bury things anymore after installing a synthetic grass lawn.

If you love your pet but have difficulty in maintaining your garden as a result of your pet, artificial grass could be the solution for you. Speak with Phoenix Lawns on 0121 730 1829 or email:

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